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ICLP Students & Survivors

Taipei and beyond

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Were you a student at the International Chinese Language Program, the Stanford or Berkeley programs at Taiwan Daxue, or any other program at Tai Da, Taiwan's number one university? Nostalgic for it? Considering it?

This is a community chiefly for foreigners who've been associated with Tai Da's ICLP. However, anyone who lives/used to live anywhere in Taiwan, teaches there, studies there, etc., whether Taiwanese or not, is welcome to join.

Political discussions are welcome only as long as they stay civil, after which they'll be shut down.

Posting in any language is OK.

Official ICLP forum (including alumni area): http://iclptaiwan.proboards105.com/
The ICLP's website: http://ccsun57.cc.ntu.edu.tw/%7etdiclc/
Your new best friend: http://www.zhongwen.com/
Recommended: A Besta electronic dictionary on which you can write hanzi with a stylus.